Conscious Communications Collective is a communications, branding and strategic partnerships group dedicated to supporting better businesses whose bottom lines build a better world. 


Developing creative and powerful narratives through design and print/digital media, we help tell your story to the audiences who matter the most to growing your business - consumers, public officials, business owners, influencers, and tastemakers. Whether you're a business, brand, nonprofit, foundation, association, or a startup our campaigns build lasting change.


Our main office is located in New York City, with a network of experts throughout the US.

Leland Radovanovic
Founder and CEO

Leland is a public relations professional experienced in social justice, behavioral change, and advocacy campaigns. A long-time cannabis legalization activist, he’s worked in top communication positions in organizations such as the Cannabis Cultural Association and Powerplant Strategies.


Leland has worked on local, state and national cannabis campaigns such as decriminalizing cannabis in New York City by closing NYPD’s “in public view” arrest loophole in 2014, passing New York’s medical marijuana program in 2015, legalizing cannabis in several states in 2016, and passing Proposition M in Los Angeles in 2017. 


He's worked with businesses in a range of verticals in hardware and software technology, agriculture, real estate, investment/finance, and politics.